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How Much to Replace Brake Pads

Mechanic Inspecting Brake Pads and Rotors


No one likes to step down on the brake pedal while driving along Asheville roads just to hear the familiar squeal of worn brake pads. How much does it cost to replace brake pads? How much to replace brake pads can differ depending on a few factors. But the price averages about $150 per axle. Our service department wants you help you stay safe, so we go into more detail below and list some signs that indicate your brake pads need to be replaced.


How Much Does It Cost to Replace Brake Pads?

How much to replace brake pads ranges from about $100 to $300 per axle but can vary depending on the repair shop and model of the car. The cost of repair increases if the pads have worn enough to damage the surface of the rotors. How much does it cost to replace brake pads if the rotors also need to be resurfaced? Resurfacing rotors can cost up to $100 per rotor. We try to keep repairs as affordable as possible, so check our service coupons for our best prices.

How Many Miles Do Brake Pads Last?

Typical brake pads should last from around 40,000 to 50,000 miles. Some brake pads have been known to last 120,000 miles or even more. Here are some factors that affect how long car brakes last:

  • Do you tend to brake hard, or gradually come to a stop?
  • Do you drive mostly on the highway, or in stop-and-go Hendersonville traffic?
  • Do you drive in flat areas, or on hilly roads?
  • Do you haul or tow heavy loads?

How to Tell if Your Brake Pads Need to Be Replaced

How much to replace brake pads can be impacted by whether you see the signs of wear early enough. Get them replaced before they damage the rotors, and the whole repair can be less expensive. If you experience any of the things listed below, make an appointment with our service center:

  • Squealing noise when the brakes are applied
  • The need to push the brake pedal further down than usual to come to a stop
  • A longer time required for the car to come to a complete stop
  • Brake light illuminated (don’t wait for this to happen!)

Let the Brake Experts at Apple Tree Honda Help!

Worn pads and other brake issues are not problems that can wait. They quickly become a safety issue. So, schedule an appointment as soon as possible with the trained experts in our service center. They’ll quickly troubleshoot the problem and get you back on the road safely in no time. And, if you enjoyed this handy guide, you might enjoy our other tips and advice, such as our guide on how often tires should be rotated. We’re just down the road from Johnson City. So drop by or contact us today.

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