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Tire Maintenance

Tire Maintenance | Fletcher & Asheville, NC

Tire maintenance is relatively easy, and also extremely important for safe driving. When your tires have good tread, no damage, and have the right amount of air in them, they will deliver the best efficiency and provide the best traction. Here are some simple tips for responsible tire maintenance from Apple Tree Honda.

Watch For Wear

You can usually spot tire wear just by looking at your tires, or by feeling for it while you’re on the road. Visible damage like low tread, tears, bumps, or cracks probably indicate that it’s time to get your tire replaced. While you’re driving, vibrations will often indicate if a tire is damaged, as will a strong pull to the left or right.

Check Inflation

You should check the PSI of your tires at least once a month using a gauge. Keeping them at the right level will help them wear evenly and last longer.

Must-Do Maintenance

It’s a good idea to get a tire rotation every time you get an oil change. This, too, helps your tires to wear evenly. Tire balancing may be necessary if you’re experiencing vibrations on the road, while a wheel alignment may be what you need if your car is pulling to one side or the other.

If you have questions about tire rotation or wheel alignment, or want to know how to change a tire on your car, don’t hesitate to contact the Service Center at Apple Tree Honda. We’re here to help so schedule an appointment with us today!

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