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What is Tire Rotation?

Rotating tires


What is tire rotation? Tire rotation is designed to prevent any one tire on your vehicle from wearing down too quickly. Regular tire rotation can actually significantly extend the life of your tires, help you maintain traction, and prevent dangerous situations on the Asheville roads, such as blowouts. Let’s learn more about tire rotation and overall vehicle maintenance with the Apple Tree Honda service center. For more information, be sure to contact us anytime!

What Does Rotating Tires Mean?

So, what does rotating tires mean? Although it may seem tricky, tire rotation is actually quite an easy concept. Tire rotation is as simple as moving each tire to a different location on the vehicle. For example, the front tires will move to the back of the vehicle, and the rear will move to the front. In some instances, the tires could also switch sides, as the front right could move to the rear left for example. Let’s learn more about this tire rotation pattern below:

  • Due to the location of the engine, most of the weight is on the front of the vehicle. Therefore, your front tires are likely to wear out the fastest. However, the drivetrain you have in your vehicle can also affect how the tires wear down, and how quickly they wear down.
  • So, if you have a front-wheel-drive car in Fletcher, the front tires will wear down quicker because all of the power from the engine is sent to the front axle. The opposite would be true for rear-wheel-drive vehicles, as the rear tires will wear out quicker. 
  • Your vehicle’s drivetrain will also affect the rotation pattern, ensuring that one tire does not wear down too much faster than the others.

What Does Tire Rotation Do?

  • Maintains Traction: Tire rotation helps you maintain traction on the Hendersonville roads, as they lose their tread depth as they wear. If you lose too much tread depth, you’ll have less traction on the Fletcher roads, especially in inclement weather. Therefore, regular tire rotation is critical in order to maintain the same amount of tread.
  • Prevents Blowouts: As the tread wears and the tires become more worn out, you could experience a blowout around Fletcher, which is extremely dangerous to you and others on the road.
  • Improves Performance: Tires with even wear will provide you with a smooth ride and better performance. If your tires are experiencing uneven wear, you could begin feeling vibrations through the steering wheel. 
  • Maximizes Efficiency: Tires with equal wear also provide better efficiency by preventing strain on the engine, drag, and increased mpg. 

Visit Apple Tree Honda for Your Next Service!

It’s important to rotate your tires either every six months or every 5,000-8,000 miles. We recommend checking your owner’s manual to see what interval is recommended for your vehicle model. So, now that you know the answer to “what does tire rotation do?”, stop by and schedule your service appointment with Apple Tree Honda! Be sure to also take advantage of our service specials to save near Johnson City!

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